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Not just a cheese post…

For the last couple weeks I’ve posted about the new cheeses that have arrived at the deli. This week, I have another great cheese for you, and I’m just as excited about the meat and beer pairings that go with it.

Cheese first, with Toma from Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company.  First, let me explain the word ‘farmstead’. This translates as “from the farm,” meaning that the cheese is made on the same land where the animals have grazed and been milked. This process greatly increases the cheeses’ terroir.  Terroir is a French word describes the taste of a cheese (beer, wine, meat, etc.) when it has taken on the flavors of the region, or growing site, that it was produced in.  All of that to say that this cheese is awesome! This Toma has a smooth texture with a buttery, mildly grassy tang. It is made from the milk of 3rd generation Holstein cows that have grazed on organic pastures.

Next step is the meat pairing, with Creminelli’s Wild Boar Salami. This salami is made from field harvested Texas boar and pork belly, seasoned with a touch of clove and juniper. The Boar meat makes for a leaner, tangier product with a deep, rich color. Creminelli, the company that produces this exceptional meat, has been making Salumi in Italy since the 1600’s, and opened its United States store in 2006. Creminelli is guaranteed to be great quality because of the specific ground rules they have set for all of their ingredients, animals, and production traditions.

Last, but not least, beer. New Holland Brewing Company’s Golden Cap Saison Ale from New Holland, MI.  This beer is New Holland’s interpretation of traditional farmhouse ale, which they brew mainly with Spelt (an ancient form of wheat).  The beer has high carbonation, and a pale, straw color with a palate of fresh cut hay and cracked pepper.

Each of these fabulous products would be great if enjoyed on their own. Or, you can do it the way we would, and have all three together.

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