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Our Meatballs are Sincere – A Love Story

Meatballs are the St. Francis of Fast Food. They are inherently good, noble, even, in intention. They began as a necessary repurposing, salvaging, scouring of every molecule of usefulness in scarce ingredients – somehow ending up delicious and sustaining. Then something went wrong. Meatballs produced in an economy of abundance, perversely, became Meatballs made out of crap (not literally, at least not after the 1970s). Meatballs became something pulverized in giant mixers, ‘baked’ on sheet pans (meatballs are never baked), doused in factory sauce, indelicately spiked with machine-cut green pepper. They were hard. They were anti-delicious. They were wedding food. They were wrong.

Enter Panozzo’s. Our Meatballs are, truly, all about the vegetables. We cook down a local veggie stew for 5 hours as a component of the mix. We take our house recipe fennel-forward pork sausage, add fresh ground bread crumbs, currants, capers, coriander, onions, celery, garlic, chilies, eggs, tomatoes and pecorino. Our Meatballs are always Hand-Mixed, Hand-Rolled and Pan Fried (in extra-virgin Olive Oil). Our Meatballs are Sincere.

17 Responses to Our Meatballs are Sincere – A Love Story

  1. John A. Pjontek

    Saw you on Triple D last night and was very impressed. Wish your were closer to my home! Could I get your meatball recipe?

  2. Steve Epright

    Meatball reciepe? Thanks

  3. greetings, awesome post, and a decent understand! definitely one for my book marks.

  4. Well put, sir, well put. I’ll ceritnaly make note of that.

  5. Bob

    I saw you on DDD the other night – next weekend we happen to be going to Hoffman Estates to “The Story Tour” – I have your market in the GPS. Do you have parking at the market? And tables? — I can’t wait!!! Thanks Bob

    • Panozzo's Italian Market

      For visiting Panozzo’s, if you drive there is metered street parking on Michigan Avenue and the surrounding streets [no parking lot]. There is a home Bears game at Soldier Field on 12/18 at noon so there will be parking restrictions. Another alternative is public transportation – Panozzo’s is easily accessible via the city’s “El” train system and buses. Take the Green, Orange or Red lines to the Roosevelt stop. On Roosevelt Rd, walk 1.5 blocks east to Michigan Ave and then one block south to Panozzo’s.

      We have 10 seats at the Shop and they turn over pretty quick. We look forward to seeing you. Let us know when you stop in.

  6. Jeff

    Nice spot on DDD.

    I understand keeping the meatball recipe a secret…would you be willing to share the crescentina recipe?

  7. I am looking for the fry bread recipe that was on the show I can’t find it anywhere. Thanks

  8. Linda

    I am an old woman who loves meatballs. Could I kindly get your recipe, please and thank you.

  9. Victoria Shipley

    saw you on Diners Drive-ins and Dives….your meatball sub sounds yummy. Did not write down the recipe. could you email to me.

    Thanks and greetings from Sonoma County, California

  10. any chance of getting your recipe for ‘sofrito’? love to make a vegetarian meatball substituding eggplant for your secret pork recipe…

  11. Tammy

    The meatballs look awesome. All you readers who’d like the recipe, the ingredients are listed at the end of this article…I dont remember all the vegies but I believe it was onions and carrots.Hopefully with this info you can make something close. I read in the thread that they “highly guard” their recipe.

  12. Bobby

    Looks like I’m driving to Chicago for a meatballs sandwich!

  13. Manolo

    Saw you on DDD this week way down in Guatemala, Central America. I am going to Chicago next week on a business trip just outside of the city and will spend just one day downtown “site seeing” I will try to stop by and try your meatballs or the porchetta sandwich if I get a chance, both look Delicious..

  14. Mike

    Came to your restaurant today…..WOW had the meatball sandwich, great meatballs and the bread was really fresh. I really enjoyed the peppers on the sandwich. Definitely will be coming back again. Keep up the good work.

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